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Sunforce 11260 2500-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Sunforce 11260 2500-Watt Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter converts DC power into clean, stable AC power that is ideal for running home appliances, pumps, and motors. It provides 5000 Watts of peak surge power to get your gear started, and 2500 Watts of continuous power to keep it running. Pure Sine Wave inversion guarantees optimum compatibility with sensitive equipment, computers, motors, televisions and more. Compact and portable, this inverter is perfect for use at worksites, on boats, or for permanent use in a solar power setup.

Safe, Clean and Reliable Power--Right Where You Need It

Sunforce Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters stay safe, quiet and cool while providing clean, stable power. They convert the energy stored in 12-Volt batteries or other DC power sources into the AC electrical power that many home appliances and tools need. The Sunforce 2500-Watt Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is an ideal solution for use in solar power applications, or for power failure emergencies.

Weighing only 22 pounds, this unit is compact, portable and can be easily installed right where you need it. It is equipped with four 110-Volt household electrical outlets, and provides 2500-Watts of continuous power with 5000 Watts of surge power capability. The Sunforce 2500-Watt Pro Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is so advanced that it is patented, and includes numerous safety features to keep you and your gear safe. It comes equipped with an audible overload alarm with LED light, a high-speed cooling fan, and a soft-start system. The unit will automatically shut down in the event of short-circuits, low battery power, DC input voltage overload, output overload, or excessive temperature. It even comes with a remote control modular connector cable and key-chain remote for your convenience.

A Key Component of Solar Power Systems

A power inverter changes the DC power stored in 12-Volt batteries into AC power, which is the same kind of power used in your home. The inverter is attached to one or several batteries, which serve as your power source. The devices that you want to run are then plugged into the outlets on the front of the inverter. An extension cord can be used for devices that are located farther away. Once set up, simply turn on the inverter and then turn on each device.

The attached batteries will discharge as the inverter draws power from them, and will need to be periodically recharged. Solar power is one of the most convenient and cleanest ways to recharge 12-Volt batteries. With a solar power setup, you can generate free power anywhere the sun shines--even in remote locations. Once connected to solar panels and a charge controller, your batteries will be automatically recharged by sunlight and will provide the inverter with clean, renewable power for your equipment.

Better Technology Keeps Your Components Safe

Some power inverters use a modified sine wave instead of a pure sine wave. This modified power wave is not exactly the same as electricity from the power grid, and appears as a choppy squared-off wave when viewed through an oscilloscope.

The voltage fluctuates with this type of inverter and may cause difficulties running sensitive electronic equipment. You may notice that digital clocks lose time, the picture appears wavy on screens, and motors run roughly; these are indications that you require a pure sine wave inverter.

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