Exhaust Fan

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Exhaust Fan

Air King 9166 20" Whole-House Window Fan

Exhaust fans sends stale indoor air out and fresh outdoor air in. They are great solutions to rooms like bathrooms or humid areas that can grow mold or bacteria in stale air. The Air King 9166 window exhaust fan is a great solution to your circulation needs for the following reasons:

1600 RPM of Power
Air King only offers two sizes of window fans; 20? and 16?, and the 9166 is the larger model. It is also more powerful than its 16? brother. The 9166 can blast as much as 3560 CFM with a dBA (sound) of 64.

Great Brand Name

Air King is an American company founded over 40 years ago on principles of quality and need. Most of their fans adhere to industrial standards and are constructed to last a lifetime.

The 9166 features a powder coated steel front grill and blades. There is also a integrated plastic extender panels can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit.


The 9166 can fit windows 27? to 38? wide to a minimum opening of 26.45? high. It can easily fit in most windows and provide you with the crisp breeze of fresh air you need! It also features a Storm Guard that allows the window to be closed behind the fan without having to uninstall it.

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