Miracle LED 605038 9.5-Watt Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite Bulb

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Miracle LED 605038 9.5-Watt (75-Watt) Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite Bulb

990 Lumens, BR30 Full Spectrum Plant Growing Light Bulb

(Lampu untuk pertumbuhan tanaman Hydroponic)

Miracle LED 605038 9.5W Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite and Full Spectrum LED Light Bulb.NEW AND IMPROVED NOW WITH MASSIVE 500 LUMENS OF LIGHT AT 1900 MICROMOLES. This 75W Replacement LED ULTRA Grow Lite is a breakthrough in lighting technology and provides a continuous supply of DAYLIGHT spectrum light without hardly any heat or electric draw at all. This is Chemical-Free growing at its best--Perfect for many different environments from small kitchen herb gardens to large commercial hydroponic greenhouses. These bulbs are used by the Pros because they emit the entire spectrum required for plant photosynthesis.

The light spectrum is tailored to the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll, carotene, phycoerythrin and phycocyanin. It's ideal for massive growth and flowering of vegetables in home or commercial gardens. It is so cool running it will lessen your air conditioning needs when replacing CFL or Incandescent. We can't even put a number on that savings. There is absolutely no mercury as a by-product in MiracleLED bulbs, meaning it is good for the environment and has no special disposal needs in the future. Nearly zero heat output and 20,000+ estimated life hours means this bulb will stay safe and effective for years to come. Get Huge Energy Savings with this 9.5W bulb that costs just 10 per 100 Hours of continuous use! Compared to CFL, LED chip technology is the safer, more efficient choice as it is manufactured with absolutely no hazardous materials (like Mercury), starts and stays instantly bright, and uses a fraction of the energy. Technical Specifications: 5000 Kelvin Color Temperature; Standard E27 Medium Household Base; 20,000+ Hour Estimated Lifespan; $1.14 Annual Energy Cost.

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