MiracleLED 604836 LED Outdoor

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MiracleLED 604836 LED Outdoor

Flood Replaces 65-watt with Bonus 2-Pack Super LED Bug Lights, 4-Pack

From the oldest name in LED Lighting and the Land of 10,000 Lakes...Cut your outdoor energy use to almost ZERO! This MiracleLED Outdoor Lighting Package has 6 bulbs to do the job! First is four 4 Watt MiracleLED Outdoor Security Bulbs. The Number 1 recommendation for home security is a well lit outside. The Outdoor Security Bulbs give your home security while replacing old hot energy sucking floods. Your savings could be up to $120 a motion fixture! Install these Long, Long, Long Life bulbs up high so you never need to climb the ladder again. Next we included a bonus of two 7 Watt MiracleLED Super Bug Lights.

The Super Bug Lights combine time-proven, chemical-free bug deterrent methods with money-saving LED technology. Fully light your entryways and porches for pennies a year and bring safety to your yard. Bugs and their primary food sources love heat and UV light -- So we designed a bulb that produces neither! No harsh "Street Lamp appearance" here either, as the light emitted from this bulb is invisible to bugs but beautiful to you and I. Get Huge Energy Savings replacing 60, 75W bulbs with this package - up to $66 a year off your energy bill by replacing just one bulb! All this with our most affordable pricing produces big savings when buying this package. This No Mercury bulb is instant on, is instantly bright. 6000 Kelvin "Night Bright" Floods - 2000 Kelvin Color Temperature for the Super Bug Light; Fits all Standard E26 Medium Household Base; 20,000 Hour Estimated Lifespan; $0.84 Estimated Annual Energy Cost per bulb.

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