Vertex VX-231-G7UN

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Vertex VX-231-G7UN Portable UHF Radio

Compact Radio with Long-Lasting Li-Ion Battery.The Vertex Standard VX-231 provides wide band coverage, more signaling features and improved ergonomics that adds up to a better return on your investment. UHF MODEL: 450 MHz - 512 MHz, 16 channels, 7.4V. Improved Portability: A radio that won’t get in the way, the VX-231 is more compact and lightweight than the VX-160 series.

A radio that is easier to carry with you on the job. More Battery Power: Designed to use powerful Li-Ion battery technology for longer battery life. Includes a 1380mAh battery providing 9 hours of operation with the battery saver enabled. Wide Band Coverage for Added Value: One radio designed to cover the full band in the VHF and upper range of the UHF bands, which provides expanded options in frequencies to use. More Scanning Options: While many radios provide 1 or 2 scanning options, the VX-231 radio gives you 4 additional scanning options for greater convenience and flexibility for the way you need your radios to perform. Options include: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow Me and Talk Around scan. Exclusive Auto-Range Transponding System – ARTS: Only Vertex Standard radios are designed to inform you when you and another ARTS-equipped station are within communication range. If out of range for more than 2 minutes, your radio senses no signal has been received and beeps to alert you. The base station can then alert the field unit to move back in range. A great solution to keep your workers coordinated. Additional Features: 16 channel capacity, two programmable keys, flexible channel spacing: 12.5 kHz to 25 kHz, battery power save option, Emergency Lone Worker DTMF ANI DTMF Speed, Dial 2-Tone Encode and Decode CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode Manual squelch adjustment.

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