How to Change Your Life

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How to Change Your Life

Can people really change ? We tend to assume that circumstances change easily and often, but that people change rarely, slowly, and with great difficulty. But these assumptions are wrong.

Probably you have ever heard a proverb below :

“Doing the same things over and over expecting different results is insanity

The only way to get different results is to change what we do. The process of change begins in our minds. Our thoughts help shape and create our circumstances in life. When we change our thinking we change our lives.

What does it mean to change?

Change = to transform or convert

When we find ourselves stuck in a rut or not quite where we want to be in life, it is time for change. Old habits, old thoughts, and old ways of thinking must go. We literally have to cleanse our minds of negativity, scars, conditioning, and mental blocks.

Living life abundantly is a continuous process of training and transforming our minds to achieve optimal living. There are many ways to begin the process of changing the way we think.

What we feed our minds affect how and what we think. When we bombard the mind with negative images, fears, bad news, violence, pain, and suffering etc…our mind responds by conjuring up matching thoughts. When we feed our minds with positive images, good news, peace, happiness, and prosperity …our mind responds accordingly.

Our mind will produce thoughts based on the information we provide it with. The thoughts that our mind produces set a wheel of events in motion. Thoughts are creative and whatever thoughts we find ourselves preoccupied with always manifest in our lives.

The small decisions we make, and subsequently the small actions we take can lead to dramatic changes in our lives.

In order to feed our minds, there three important points :

1. Read 1 book per week.

Reading is a good way to keep your brain active. With just 30 minutes per day you should be able to read one book per week, or more than 50 books per year.

2. Think positively. You are what you think, all the time.

Positive thinking is a practice and it requires that you have a certain mental attitude. When you have a positive thinking mindset you automatically have positive thoughts and you continually recite positive affirmations. This process happens automatically.

When you have a positive thinking mindset you almost instantly find answers to even the most complex problems and challenges. Positive thinking is a mindset or attitude that is geared towards automatically expecting things to work out. A person with a Positive Thinking pattern in place expects, believes and trusts that things will always work out and they often do.

Someone who has a positive thinking mindset naturally thinks positive and always foresees happiness, good health, success, and a positive outcome to just about every situation and event that takes place. They also trust and know that they will make the right decision and the right choices. Since they expect it – their mind and subconscious mind find a way to make it happen. This is the power of having a positive thinking mindset.

3. Decide that you really want to change and what you want to change from and what you want to change to.

  • Deciding to change

This might sound a bit too simplistic. You might think this step is a given and that of course you want to change or you wouldn’t be investing all that time reading and listening to self help articles and seminars etc. However, ask yourself have you really thought about it?

Changing might involve changing your life totally, depending on your circumstances. I know people who have literally change the country they live, they’ve changed their friends, they’ve changed their house, and they’ve literally changed their surroundings which show a huge commitment.

I firmly believe that to change a long standing habit in your life you have to remove yourself totally your habits surroundings. I think a classic example of this is drug users. I deal with a lot of drug users in my role as a support worker. The ones, I have seen, come off the drugs quicker and more successfully are the ones who have literally removed themselves from their friends, their family, and their normal surroundings. They have re-invented themselves elsewhere. It’s like having one of those fairground machines where the mechanical arm picks up the teddy and you win the prize, it’s been taken out of its normal surroundings and given a new life.

Knowing what you might have to sacrifice in order to become a better you will it be worth it? If your answer is still yes and you have really thought about it and are willing to sacrifice then you have decided to change.

  • Knowing who you are

You know yourself very well and you know your feelings and thoughts about the world. Maybe you’re wrong, maybe you have a skewed perception of yourself, maybe you’re comparing yourself to people you shouldn’t be.

When I was younger I used to try and be like Tom Cruise in the films Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Cocktail. I wanted to be a confident, funny, go get em sort of person. It took me years to realise I wasn’t that person; I was quiet, confident, liked my own space and preferred to develop my intelligence rather than my list of conquests.

Who are you comparing yourself to? What do you think other people think about you ? Ask your friends how they see you and what type of person they see you as. You have to be prepared for what you hear so don’t ask the question if you are not prepared fro the answers.

When you know who you really are and you still want to change aspects of your life. then you’re ready for the last step a changing.

Who do you want to be ?

You wouldn’t go to a strange place without first having a route map to find it. So it is with life. you have to know what and where you want to be in life before you can actually go there.

You will know deep down if you really want to change. You will know generally who you really are and you will probably know what you want to change. Looking at these three aspects of change should only take you 60 seconds initially.

Who and where do you want to be next year ?


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