Keys to Success

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Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success

The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement.

This book is sometimes confused with The Master Key to Riches, also by Napoleon Hill but it is a completely different book.

Keys to success offers more in depth information on how to apply the 17 principles of success.

Anything written by Napolean Hill is a benefit to the reader. He was one of the original teachers of the information now being promoted in the Secret movie.

Hill's first book, Think and Grow Rich is the best place to start, followed by this book. In that order you will have a better understanding of the message he is giving.

In this books, You will learn the secrets of :

  1. Develop a Definiteness of Purpose
  2. Establish a Mastermind Alliance
  3. Assemble an Attractive Personality
  4. Use Applied Faith
  5. Go the Extra Mile
  6. Create Personal Initiative
  7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude
  8. Control Your Enthusiasm
  9. Enforce Self-Discipline
  10. Think Accurately
  11. Control Your Attention
  12. Inspire Teamwork
  13. Learn from Adversity and Defeat
  14. Cultivate Creative Vision
  15. Maintain Sound Health
  16. Budget Your Time and Money
  17. Use Cosmic Habit Force

The concepts taught by Napoleon Hill is thought provoking. He was wise, humble and funny. His philosophy is universal; he did not mix it with religion. The riches he referred to were more than money, for the Philosophy of Personal Achievement can be applied to anything in life.

Hill was well ahead of his time. "Think and Grow Rich" has a chapter dedicated to some of today's most important issues - Specialized Knowledge, Decision Making, Imagination and Organized Planning (in which he deals with Leadership). And his principles deal with Teamwork, Creative Vision, Health, etc.

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