One Minute For Yourself

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One Minute For Yourself

In this book, through a vivid parable, Dr. Spencer Johnson demonstrates that caring for others begins with caring for ourselves. In just one minute, Dr. Johnson starts readers on the way to a sense of peace and balance, improved business and personal relationships, increased energy and joy, less stress at work and at home, a dramatic improvement in job performance and much more.

Life is lived minute by minute. Those who know this live best. With the deft practical wisdom that characterizes all of the books in the One Minute series, Dr. Johnson shows how sixty seconds spent on yourself can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment and success.

This book is a very easy read about a very simple concept that will make managers into mentors of future leaders instead of just people who just tell other people what to do. Fantastically easy to apply to your own work situation immediately, it made a big difference in my management work and I have no reason to think that it can't do the same for you.

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