Self Improvement 101

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Self Improvement 101

The best leaders know that success is about more than winning--it's about improving and developing.

John C. Maxwell provides in Self-Improvement 101 the essentials all leaders need to keep striving for excellence no matter where they are or what they are doing. After all, great leaders who are growth oriented rather than goal oriented never "arrive," they just keep building upon what they are learning.

The measure of a true leader is the relentless pursuit of self-improvement in our daily lives. By never being satisfied with our skill level in our primary endeavor; by constantly striving to improve some facet of our performance, we will learn from our experience and approach every obstacle with a clear understanding about what we need to do to overcome it; accepting the safe status-quo isn't an option.

John C Maxwell certainly understands what it takes to be an effective leader; he's already written a slew of terrific books on the subject, and his latest effort is designed to lay the proper foundation for personal growth; to maximize our leadership skills by adding some measure of experience and knowledge to our existing level of expertise. The key is to repeat the process every day; this isn't a self-improvement project for the faint of heart.

Of course, great leaders fearlessly embrace this philosophy. They have a genuine hunger for knowledge and a passion for excellence. They also realize the bar will be raised, just a bit, every day; no exceptions and no excuses.

The concepts Maxwell professes are clear cut and simple to understand; the task of implementing them into our daily schedule is the challenge. It won't be easy, but we all know anything worth pursuing is worth the investment in time and effort. Certainly, every leader needs to grab a copy of this book to help facilitate this process.
It could be the best investment you ever make.

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