Dimplex TDS8515TC Celeste Electric Stove

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Dimplex TDS8515TC Celeste Electric Stove

Reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship, this elegant gloss cream finish stove design hearkens back to a less complicated era for a soothing, finishing touch in any room. Purifier air treatment system filters airborne allergens and particulates.

Features Old World Charm and Craftsmanship
This stove has all the charm and ambiance of an old-fashioned parlor wood stove without the hassles and mess. This is the largest of the available electric stoves measuring in at 29.6x 27x 17.9 inches, making it an instant focal point in any room. With its elegant finish the TDS8515TC provides a beautiful finishing touch to any room. The thermostat controlled fan forced heater and ability to showcase the flame with or without heat, means you can enjoy your stove year round.

It’s realistic flame and handcrafted logs will have you mesmerized. With 5115 BTU’s this unit is sure to heat up any space you put it in. The detailing on the front carvings along with the elegant carving design on the sides tells a story of superior craftsmanship. And the cream finish with metallic accents completes the look of authenticity.

This stove is equipped with a lifelike patented flame. The convincing flames, glowing ember bed and handcrafted log set eases the mind and sooths the soul. And there’s no need for expensive wood fuel, no messy ashes and no dangerous chimney to worry about. Just place the TDS8515TC anywhere you like, plug it in, click the remote control and enjoy. The Purifier air treatment system built into this stunning stove filters airborne allergens and particulates, cleaning the air in your home. The TDS8515TC is powered by safe, clean, and green electricity so it’s perfect for use in sunrooms, family rooms, cottages, guest suites, Bed & Breakfasts and anywhere else you want additional heat.

Realistic Flame
Dimplex invented the modern electric fireplace and continues to innovate exclusive technologies that dazzle the eye. Only Dimplex delivers maximum realism with its world-leading flame technology. With the most realistic flame on the market, Dimplex provides a soothing atmosphere with or without heat for year-round ambiance.

Superior Quality
The TDS8515TC’s premium construction, with tough steel sides and durable finishes ensure long product life and protect your investment. Hand crafted log set, unique to each unit, adds an extra touch of authenticity.

Operates for Pennies a Day
The TDS8515TC costs only 1 cent per hour with flame operating, 9 cents per hour with both flame and heat (based on average national residential electricity rates).

Easy Set-Up
The TDS8515TC is delivered completely assembled; just place it where you like and plug it in. No venting or piping required, just plugs into any 120 Volt outlet. Easy to move from room-to-room or transport if you move!

Reliable Safety
Tempered front glass always stays cool to the touch - enjoy the stove ambiance without risk of children or pets getting hurt. No dangerous combustion or harmful carbon monoxide. UL approved for use in Canada and the U.S.

Environmentally Friendly Operation
The TDS1585TC is 100% efficient and produces no carbon monoxide or other emissions.

An economical and Time- saving Alternative to Wood, Gas and Gel Stoves
Unlike wood and gel stoves, there’s no mess with the TDS8515TC and no worries about running out of fuel or having to buy expensive wood or gel. Gas and wood stoves both require disruptive venting and expensive installation. With the TDS8515TC, you just plug it in.

The TDS8515TC is covered by a 1 year warranty.

Dedicated Customer Support
The friendly and knowledgeable Dimplex support staff are trained in diagnostics and available to help should you ever require assistance.

Packaged for Shipping
All Dimplex products are subjected to shipping simulation tests to determine the optimum combination of packaging and shipping method to ensure you receive your item in excellent condition.

North American Design and Engineering Excellence
The Dimplex in-house staff of engineers make sure all products meet customer expectations by being well made, easy to assemble, simple to operate, and a pleasure to own. Quality is designed into Dimplex products at every stage of the development process and is ensured by detailed inspections throughout the production cycle.

(W x H x D) 29.6 x 27x 17.9 inches / 78lbs

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