Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

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Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF3 Ultrafiltration Water Filter System. The Watts Premier Filter-Pure UF3 Ultrafiltration Water Filter System is capable of running at low water pressures does not require a separate water holding tank does not alter the pH of the water and does not require electricity. This allows the UF3 to provide a continuous on demand supply of premium quality drinking water directly to your tap. Previously this process was used largely in municipal water treatment plants and hospitals; however through technological advances it is now available to you as an under sink drinking water system! Simple and sanitary quick filter changes with filter head on a swivel to accommodate easy access Works great in low water pressure situations Tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 Filtering down to .2 microns! This is NOT the same system as the Watts 3-Stage Kwik Change 11 Undersink Water Filter System and the filters are NOT interchangeable. System Includes the Following Parts: One Filter-Pure (UF3) module (complete with filters) One high end Euro brushed nickel non-airgap faucet One cold water supply adapter Faucet connection hose Parts bag Product manual Installation instructions and warranty Filtering Stages: Stage 1: Five micron sediment filter that reduces sand silt sediment and rust particles that may be in your water. Stage 2: Heavy duty lead and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) reducing carbon block filter (LVOC). Stage 3: Hollow Fiber Technology uses ultra filtration a membrane filtration process which uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi permeable membrane filtering down to 0.2 microns

The Watts Premier Filter-Pure UF-3 Water Filtration Device utilizes three-stage filtration to ensure you get cleaner, healthier drinking water straight from the tap. In addition to reducing lead, chemicals, and chlorine taste and odor, the UF-3 uses Hollow-Fiber technology to trap and remove even the tiniest particles from your water. Featuring a patented space-saving design that is perfect for houses and apartments, the UF-3 can be installed in a matter of minutes.

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